Why 'The Bletchley Circle's Anna Maxwell Martin Is One Of The Fiercest Ladies Around

Let's be real, mystery fans — this British drama would be nothing without the fearless Susan. The codebreaking ringleader, the wonderful and award-winning actress and Bletchley Circle star Anna Maxwell Martin, is basically the glue that holds the crime-fighting women together. If she were still stuck in the stay-at-home-mom life that she so desperately wants to be free of, then everyone would have to rely on only men to solve mysteries, and that would get so boring. And although she might not be in the finale of Season 2 of the ITV miniseries, that doesn't mean we can't look back fondly on all of her days of kicking ass and taking names.

In every episode that Martin appears in, she perfectly encapsulates a strong and gutsy woman who knows that she can only depend on herself — and of course her three besties, Millie, Lucy, and Jean — to prove that women can be just a daring, smart, and adventurous as men. She shows that just because she lives in a time where she's expected to be only a wife and a mother, she can break out of the box that society has built for her and show what she's made of. Basically, she inspires and motivates all of the female characters on the show. Plus, she totally has a seriously epic mantra: Never be ordinary. That's just badass.

Of course, Martin is equally as amazing as her Bletchley counterpart. When she's not busy being a trailblazing detective, she's showing off her acting chops in Oscar-nominated films and award-winning TV shows. Take a look at what the actress has been in before:


Starring alongside Steve Coogan and Judi Dench, Martin plays the daughter of the titular character. She might wear a turtleneck a bit too often in the movie, but she's the catalyst for Philomena's adventure, so we'll forgive her.

Becoming Jane

Martin plays Jane's (Anne Hathaway) sensible sister Cassandra, who might just be the complete opposite of Bletchley's Susan.

Bleak House

Martin kicked so much ass in this TV series that she won a BAFTA for Best Actress for her portrayal of Esther Summerson. She also has a second BAFTA for her role as N in Poppy Shakespeare .

Alan Partridge

Teaming up with Coogan yet again, Martin plays a police negotiator named Janet Whitehead in Alan Partridge. “I probably annoyed Steve by hanging around him in too much of a stalkery way,” she said in an interview with Express. “I was giggling all the time and worried I might get told off at any moment.”

Images: The Bletchley Circle/World Productions 2013; Weinstein Company; HanWay Films; BBC; Baby Cow Films