Which Idols Voted "No"? 'American Idol' Twist Sends Sam Woolf Home... Thanks To Two Contestants

It was an American Idol twist that seemed predictable. With the final five contestants facing results, host Ryan Seacrest told Alex Preston, Jena Irene, Jessica Meuse, Sam Woolf, and Caleb Johnson that they had two choices this week: They could opt to send one contestant home... or they could vote for all five to stay, with two being eliminated next week. (The vote would be anonymous, and the vote would have to be unanimous to save this week's lowest vote-getting contestant.) The previous, feel-good energy of Idol seasons past would point to contestants choosing the latter — remember when Melinda Doolittle opted to not pick which contestants she felt were in the bottom three in order to maintain peace and harmony? But, on Season 13 of American Idol, it seems the competition is more cutthroat than ever. Because two Idols sent Sam Woolf packing right out the door when they voted "No" to the question: Should all five Idols stay this week?

That's right — the reality singing competition that has enjoyed its cuddly status in the years since Simon Cowell left its walls actually got a bit nasty. And, of course, the ouster left fans wondering: Which Idol contestants chose to eliminate one of their own this week, relegating them to a Hunger Games portrait black-out and a middling career in music? Let's weigh the odds:

Sam Woolf

Idol tried to trot puppies and something even cuter and pint-sized, Ariana Grande, in front of the show's voting audience to convince them to vote for Sam. But Sam — three-time Bottom 3 vote-getter who is as uncomfortable on stage as his hat is touching his head — knew he was headed out the door in due time. If he could buy himself one more week, in addition to the extra time the judge's save gave him? Well, maybe then he could truly master the furrowed brow. Odds: 50/1

Alex Preston

In a way, Preston would have been smart to send someone out the door — the odds are forever in the favor of a smart Idol that recognizes he or she shouldn't put themselves in a better position to be eliminated during a week with an unknown theme. (What if Alex was forced to strum his way into disco night?) That said, Idol's resident cuddly troubadour just feels all the feels — no way would he jeopardize another. Odds: 10/1

Jena Irene

As with Preston, Jena seems to genuinely enjoy her fellow top five. And why wouldn't she? The 17-year-old is the resident innocent of the crew, clearly eager to get along with her fellow contestants. (My god, she's even taking Caleb to prom.) Just as she'll likely unanimously be voted prom queen, she likely hoped that this vote would be a unanimous yes. Odds: 5/1

Caleb Johnson

It only took a few weeks a few shrewd song choices to tell that Caleb had a knack for not only reality television, but for how to win a reality television show. And one way to win? Not put yourself in danger next week when you know following a killer White Snake performance that there's a better chance of getting Harry to dance a jig during a performance than getting eliminated. Caleb's smart. Dude definitely voted "No" sooner than someone could say, "Dear god, 'I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing' again?!" Odds: 3/1

Jessica Meuse

The girl is hardly a blue-eyed liar, even visibly shaking her head "no" as Ryan read the votes. She's as guilty as her hair is pink. Odds: 2/1

UPDATE: Seems my odds were completely off — according to TV Line's Idol legend and sleuth Michael Slezak, Jena admitted to voting "No," and every contestant except Alex said they voted "Yes." That leaves us with the two unlikely culprits: Alex and Jena!

Image: FOX