5 Reasons 'Reign' Should Stop Trying to Be 'Game of Thrones'

On Thursday night, Reign tried to get its Game of Thrones on in "Higher Ground," which saw Francis leaving court for the battlefield and torture sequences and deaths that didn't become it. Last week, Reign went lovey dovey. This week, it went to war. I'm fine with the show trying to kick things up a notch, but it's already awesome. And Game of Thrones is already awesome. And I just want them to keep being separately awesome in separate ways. But, unfortunately, this week's episode was one act of creepy incest away from trying way too hard to take place in Westeros instead of France. Need proof? Just see for yourself:

1. Reign doesn't have the budget to film war scenes.

Look, Reign, it was really cute that you tried to have Francis go to battle realistically, but you're operating on a CW budget and spending at least 90 percent of that on wardrobe. So let's just get Francis back to France, or maybe at another casino/brothel or something. Nothing about this war is working.

2. Leith pining for Greer pales to Littlefinger pining for Catelyn Stark.

Leith and Greer had a torrid little affair earlier this season (she's trying to marry rich, he's a servant – it just wasn't meant to be) before they were caught, her wedding was ruined and he was shipped off to be in the army (the Reign equivalent of going to The Wall). Now, Greer is finally falling for Lord Catleroy (who is no Ned Stark) and Leith is left pining for his out-of-his-league lady love. Francis is ready to title Leith and put him in position to woo Greer, but who really cares?

3. Francis and Leith are not worthy of a buddy cop-style journey.

On Game of Thrones, there are so many squee-worthy pairings that travel together and make our Sundays shine. Jaime and Brienne. Arya and The Hound. Perfect. It looks like Reign might be trying to establish that kind of relationship with Francis and Leith, but… just please stop.

4. John the Mercenary is no Faceless Man.

This week, Mary hires a mysterious mercenary to kidnap and extort Catherine and kill one of her enemies. He enters quietly through secret doors and disappears in the split second that Mary's back is turned. He's trying so hard to be the mysterious assassin it hurts.

5. Reign isn't wiling to make the big sacrifices.

The faux-torture of Catherine (John threatens to hurt her, but ends up faking his biggest act of brutally against her – cutting off her ear). I'm not saying I want a Theon Greyjoy situation, but Reign wasn't willing to take any real risks. I never for a second believed anything would happen to Catherine. Reign has to up the stakes to at least Vampire Diaries death count levels if they want us to really worry. Game of Thrones, on the other hand? I'm shocked any week it doesn't put a major character in legitimate peril.

Images: The CW, Tumblr