Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber's Duet Could Be the Best Thing for Both of Them

When Justin Bieber posted that picture on Instagram with the hashtag #arianabieberduet, we thought that was more of his hilarious sense of humor. That silly Bieber, with his whimsical talk of duets and asking Toronto Mayer Rob Ford if he has any crack. Truly, Justin Bieber has a wit that is underappreciated by our generation. However, now that Ariana Grande has confirmed that she's collaborating with Bieber, we have to take the whole thing more seriously. Quite honestly, if a Bieber-Grande duet is in our future, then it could be the best move of both of their careers.

It was a little alarming when we first caught wind of the fact that Grande was working on a song with Iggy Azalea. Then that song actually came out and it was so amazing that constant replays of it have yet to get old. Who are we to doubt Grande when she has proved time and time again that her music is awesome no matter who she's making it with? Besides, at least in terms of their songs, working with Bieber seems like it's been a long time in coming. They've both been maturing as artists with every album they release and have come a long way from their child star days.

Grande and Bieber are both top musicians with loyal fan bases that seem to make a habit of trending something for them on Twitter at least once a week. Combining both of those fan bases with one song might just break Twitter entirely. In fact, it's shocking that the two of them have never thought to work together before. Sure, as people, they couldn't be more different, but they've both been performing since they were very small, they both got their start among the tween base, and they both grew up right before our very eyes and gave people the opportunity to grow up with them.

It didn't entirely work, as any Belieber will soon prove to you if you make the mistake of arguing with them on the Internet, but the effort was there. For all that we might turn up our noses at Justin Bieber as a person, what with his penchant for entitled behavior and social faux pas on an international scale, his popularity has yet to actually wane. Grande is a great performer, but she isn't exactly edgy and the mature sound and promotional material for her "Problem" single might indicate that she's ready for some edge.

Is Justin Bieber the right person to give her that? Probably not, but that duet is happening whether we want it to or not. Grande tweeted as much to Justin Bieber Thursday night:

There's no word on what the song is called, what it's about, or even when it will be released, but it's definitely coming now that the idea is in their heads. And, knowing Ariana Grande, it's going to be good.