Justin Bieber Met Rob Ford & Took The Opportunity To Make A Horrible Crack Joke

Justin Bieber is never one for subtlety. It doesn't matter if he's openly calling his ex-girlfriend the "most elegant princess in the world" or getting a tattoo that says "Patience" two weeks after saying he's done with ink, and apparently this extends to the jokes he makes when meeting the only Canadian more controversial than himself. Justin Bieber made crack joke to Rob Ford's face and, surprise, surprise, Rob Ford didn't take it so well. I wonder why? Could it be because he was put down by the one guy he felt confident he still ranked higher than in the eyes of the public or could it be, I don't know, because he has an very publicized crack problem and Justin Bieber went up to him and straight asked if he had any crack?

According to The Toronto Star, Ford was out partying at Musik club on March 15 and sources say he drank excessively after which he went into the bathroom for an hour. When he emerged he is said to have been "babbling" about his wife and children not liking him and said he is "in over his head."

But before Ford went to the restroom to... read magazines... he met Bieber who was also at the club that night. Reportedly, Ford went to shake Bieber's hand but was angered when Bieber joked "Did you bring any crack to smoke?" Zing! Good one's, Biebz! Ford was then "ushered Ford back to his party booth."

It is soooo Bieber to think he has an automatic in with anyone or can say whatever he wants because of who he is. Meeting the Prime Minister? Might as well wear overalls because you're Justin Bieber. Doing illegal activities? Time to brag to the cops about your money. Meeting Rob Ford? There's no other option than to go for it and bring up crack.

There are two other options though. It could be that Bieber was flustered and didn't know what else to talk about with Ford. Or maybe it wasn't a joke and he was legitimately asking if Rob Ford had any crack.

In related news, a new video of Ford smoking what is allegedly crack has recently been released and on Wednesday he announced he would be taking a leave of absence to get help with his substance abuse issues while still remaining on the ballot for re-election. See, maybe it really was the only ice breaker Bieber could come up with.