Get Ready for the Real Spider-Man Musical

by Kadeen Griffiths

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has got a serious problem. Up until now, it looked like it was poised to be just as successful as the first movie, if not more so. The cast has been appropriately charming, the promotional tours have been long and exciting, and Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have continued to have the most adorable chemistry on and off the screen. However, when Andrew Garfield appeared on Jimmy Fallon, he ruined all those months of work. Who would want to watch that movie now that watching Andrew Garfield sing a soulful rendition of the Spider-Man theme song is an option?

"Spider-Man" is the name of the theme song from the 1967 cartoon that got enough airtime even after the series ended that all of us have seen or heard of at least one episode. Anyone who hasn't can at least hum the song. It was campy and ridiculous and completely perfect to match with a cartoon series about a boy who dressed up like a spider, if spiders were red and blue and human-sized, to fight crime.

There have been a lot of different covers of the song done over the years, but none so adorable as Garfield's. It was, as he told Fallon, the first time he'd ever sang in public, but that didn't stop him from going for it just as hard as Emma Stone did in the lip synch battle from earlier this week. All the more reason that they're perfect together, I suppose. Garfield has been showing off his hilarious side this week with his Saturday Night Live promos, but his Fallon appearance takes the cake. Especially when he looks at the guitar like it's an assault rifle Fallon expects him to use before he picks it up.

In light of all this, the end of the Amazing Spider-Man movies might not spell the end of seeing Stone and Garfield working together. If they don't drop at least one duet album together, then that would be a massive waste of their musical talents. At the very least, Garfield's cover should make the Amazing Spider-Man 2 album.

Watch Andrew Garfield's performance below.

Image: The Tonight Show/NBC