Chris Brown Will Spend His Birthday in Jail & His Fans Can't Handle It

Chris Brown is getting ready to spend his birthday behind bars. On Thursday, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled that Chris Brown will spend another eight days in jail until his probation-violation hearing on May 9. This latest blow to Brown comes on the heels of his delayed trial in Washington, DC, for his assault on a man outside of the W Hotel in October 2013. Brown was on probation in Los Angeles for his 2009 assault of Rihanna.

"He's doing remarkably well under the circumstances," said Brown's lawer, Mark Geragos, to CNN. "It's a challenging situation to be in."

Geragos will spend the next week discussing whether Brown should admit to violating his probation or whether they should just let the judge set a date for his probation revocation trial. He will also file a motion to have Brown released from jail, to be considered at the May 9th hearing. Brown had just returned from DC hours before the Los Angeles trial and was looking completely worn out in the courtroom. Meanwhile, Team Breezy reacted to the news about as well as you might imagine. Brown's fans took to their Twitters to support him in a variety of interesting ways.


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While it is terrible that Brown will be spending his birthday in jail despite the best efforts of his legal staff, this could be a good thing. A punishment that doesn't come without sacrifice isn't much of a punishment at all. Hopefully, even if Brown does emerge victorious in the end, the prospect of spending another birthday behind bars will be enough to keep him from repeat behavior. It's about time he started earning all this faith his fans put behind him.