'Once Upon A Time' Season 3 Spoilers About the Wicked Smackdown Are Brutal — VIDEO

This battle is far from over. Once Upon A Time's third season is coming to an end with only one episode left before its two-hour season finale and ABC just dropped some sneaky spoilers. Last Sunday, Regina and the Wicked Witch had another showdown over Henry and it looks like they've got a few more shots left to fire. ABC released a "Wicked vs. Evil" supercut of the estranged sisters' interactions so far in Season 3 and between shots of their Wild Wild West duel, there are a few handy spoilers for Sunday's "Kansas."

The Wicked Witch of the West, or Zelena as she's called in Storybrooke, was introduced during OUAT's midseason premiere as the third season's second big bad. She's since wreaked an unprecedented degree of havoc in Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest alike. And, unfortunately for Regina, she's a lot more powerful — which probably has something to do with the epic chip on her shoulder. Their past few showdowns, including last Sunday night's, didn't really pan out in Regina's favor, mostly because she underestimated her long-lost sister by thinking that she was the most powerful evil bosswitch in realms. Sorry, girl.

Now that Season 3 is winding down, the inevitable defeat of the Wicked Witch is fast-approaching, so what's left of the Wicked vs. Evil battle? Here are the hints ABC's supercut dropped for us:

"You're not getting my step-grandchild, you bitch."

Except, just kidding because Zelena is just going to zap Regina into oblivion — yet again. The clip revealed this hospital showdown, that we're going to assume was Regina's feeble attempt of keeping her monstrous sister away from Snow and Charming's new baby. It's the thought that counts, right?

"The first cut is the deepest."

Well, this is disturbing. In this other, extremely brief flash — we can see that we've got at least one more flashback left before OUAT takes it's final bows of the season. And Zelena is going to stab her sister in the neck. Harsh.

"Payback's a bitch."

FINALLY. Check out those balls of pure, fatal magic. We're going to assume that this is their final showdown — because obviously Regina is going to get the last word in this saga. And she deserves to because she's finally mustered up all of her evil energy after getting her ass whooped but Zelena for the majority of their battle. Regina's the sister Rumpel hand-picked to train and execute his curse and it's about time she started acting like it.

Watch the full supercut of Regina and Zelena's Wicked vs. Evil battle here:

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