Stephen Baldwin Arrested For Driving With An Expired License, Rinse, Repeat

Here's some less-than-shocking news for you: actor Stephen Baldwin was arrested Friday for something car-related. Baldwin was arrested for driving with an expired license and to say that I'm not shocked would be an understatement. Baldwin, who was arrested today in the Sugar Hill district of Manhattan's Harlem Friday morning, was arrested (in the very same neighborhood, no less) in 2012 for driving with an invalid license. Someone really should have introduced Baldwin to Uber a long time ago.

It's beyond annoying when celebrities are arrested for screwing up something as simple as driving, especially when they have all of the services available to them. While I am glad that Baldwin didn't do something as stupid and reckless as, say, driving under the influence, couldn't he have just called a car service to take him wherever he needed to go if his license was worthless? Or, better yet, have his assistant renew the license with the DMV? It just doesn't make sense.

If you're a celebrity you should be able to avoid getting arrested for dumb things by simply not doing the dumb things in the first place. I mean, really, you have a group of people whose sole job is to make your life easier. I'm assuming that this also means that they could be in charge of covering your bases so that when you get into a car you're not arrested for having the incorrect paper work.

Ugh. Celebrities. When will they get it together?