Why E!'s 'Eric & Jessie's New Baby Pics Prove They've Got This Parenting Thing Down Pat

The second season of Eric & Jessie comes to a close this Sunday, but it marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for Eric & Jessie: a baby girl. We've compared Eric & Jessie to the fun-loving, short-lasting couple of yesteryear, Newlyweds' Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, but those two didn't quite make it to kids on air, so, we're sizing up the two newest jock-plus-pop-singer parents, Eric Decker and Jessie James. How will they fare in the Mom and Dad department? According to baby Vivianne's quick rise to ultra-cuteness in her seven short weeks on Earth, these two are going to be all-stars (emphasis on star).

Vivi's Mama Wrote Her A Lullaby

Just one month after she birthed a whole human out of her body, Jessie released her latest EP, Comin' Home , which immediately soared to number one on the iTunes Country charts. She recorded all of the tracks while pregnant, and it's clear she was feeling the love: Comin' Home features a song Jessie co-wrote for her daughter called, "Mama Wrote You a Lullaby." Sweet (customized) dreams, Vivianne.

Eric Went Through Daddy Training Two-a-Days

Eric is used to training hard as a top NFL wide receiver and he didn't slack in his paternal training either. Eric & Jessie saw him going to "daddy boot camp" to learn from other dads and enlisting the help of his then Bronco teammates and buddies, Wesley Woodyard and Demaryius Thomas (who are both the sweetest). From inquiring how he can best help his wife, to being eager to get as much infant experience as possible, Eric is just the right amount of nervous to take great care of his little one.

They're raising their girl with a good sense of humor

This Easter, my best friend sent me no less than five different pictures of her posing with the exact same live bunny and giant carrot throughout her childhood that she found while visiting home. It's my personal hope that Eric and Jessie will similarly continue to recreate this picture of Vivianne for the next 18 years of her life. Looking back, I'm sure we're all happy out parents raised us to be good, moral people, but in addition to "building character," offspring are really just looking for some solid #tbt fodder.

Vivianne won't be making her television debut anytime soon

Though Eric and Jessie have had a great time filming their show, they don't have any plans for Vivianne to make an E! debut. Eric says they are very focused on their careers and their daughter right now, so they're not positive what they'll do next, but if they have another season of Eric & Jessie, Vivianne definitely will not be a new cast member. But don't worry, you can keep up with the family on Jessie's extra-precious Instagram feed.

Images: ABC; Instagram/jessiejamesdecker