Growing up, I found plenty of my fashion icons on TV. Lizzie McGuire inspired me to get more creative with my ponytails. Zenon (of the 21st Century) lead to a big increase in the number of metallic leggings in my dresser. Sabrina introduced me to the ways of witchy women fashion — much to my mother's dismay, probably.

But no iconic '90s-'00s character had more of an influence on my wardrobe, dating life aspirations, and general level of sassiness than the absolutely flawless Topanga Lawrence. Boy Meets World might have had its questionable moments, but every time that blonde haired beauty (seriously, who has hair like that?!) hit the screen, I was enraptured by her sense of style.

Now that the '90s are back, I'm beyond stoked to start dressing like her all over again — and not just to celebrate the premiere of Girl Meets World . Bring on the vests, floral sundresses, and acid washed jeans. I'm ready to cover my face in lipstick and wear a toga in the name of feminism. In case you need a little refresher course on all the amazingness that were Topanga's daily outfit decisions, here are 13 very important lessons from my adolescent girl crush.

Crimped Hair = All The Boys

They can't resist all those kinky waves.

Victory Rolls Work Too

So Old Hollywood glam!

A Denim Vest Makes Every Sundress Better

Let everyone know you aren't just some sweet girl who can be walked all over.

Blazers Aren't Just For Business

Especially when paired with a seriously chic comb-over.

Crop Tops Are Totally Acceptable For Class

As long as you wear them with your trusty high waisted pants.

This Is The Proper Way To Poof Your Hair

Snooki ain't got nothin' on Topanga.

Red Lipstick Is The Best Form Of Self-Expression

On your lips. All over your face. Whatever.

Workout Gear Can Make A Great Date Outfit

Is that metallic leopard print I see? Fantastic.

An Oversized Sweater Is Super Sexy

Especially if it's bright and patterned.

The More Embellishments A Cardi Has, The Better

And don't even think about wearing a tank top in a different color from your sweater.

Ponytails Should Often Be Worn In Multiples

Please refer back to the rule regarding crimping for optimal hair perfection.

Most Importantly, Make Your Own Trends

Even Feeny couldn't deny she was the queen of everything.

Images: Giphy; GIF Soup