Johnny Weir's Fabulous Kentucky Derby Hat Is the Best Thing You'll See Today — PHOTOS

If it's the Kentucky Derby, you know that means three things: hats, hats, and more hats. Oh, yeah, mint juleps, too. And horses! But! If you need your hat fix, we've got it for you, as Johnny Weir wore a phenomenal hat to the Kentucky Derby. Phenomenal. Best thing you'll see all day, probably.

He Instagrammed himself and his "munchkin," as he called her, Tara Lipinski alongside the "legendary" (again, as he put it) Richie Sambora. Weir hosted the event alongside Tara Lipinski for NBC, so it was a given that the two would show up looking nothing short of fabulous. And they absolutely do — seriously, the winners of this competition are not the horses, but these two. Lipinski and Weir could host anything and make it phenomenal; hell, I'd watch them host a potato sack race, so naturally, we're gunning for this duo to host even more events.

Anyway, hats at the Kentucky Derby are the things that Pinterest dreams are made of. It makes you want to make yourself a mint julep, doesn't it? Or maybe it makes you want to have a Kentucky Derby party, toss back some mint juleps, and have a hat competition with your friends, does it not? Or it at least makes you want to start naming your (imaginary) horses in the spirit of the event. Like, I'd name my horse...Needle, after Arya Stark's sword (of course).

Whether you do or you don't for any of the above, you should still check out his Instagram photo. You knew he'd post something amazing, right?

And here are some more pics!

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Come for the horses, stay for the hats and the hosts, right?

Image: Instagram