Watch President Obama And Joel McHale's White House Correspondents' Dinner Speeches Here — VIDEO

The White House Correspondents' Dinner ended just a few minutes ago and while the guest list was fascinating and the outfits were incredible, the only thing people will be talking about tomorrow are the President Obama and host Joel McHale's speeches. While the POTUS' performance was more well-received by the the press and social media, both men made jokes and comments that won't soon be forgotten by their peers and their victims.

President Obama made quite a few digs at himself, calling out the failure of's launch and joking about repeated claims that he was actually born in Kenya. But he also made sure to deliver a few jabs to the press, singling out CNN and Fox News for, respectively, its coverage of Malaysia Flight 370 and the variety of nonsense it has spewed about Obama and his policies. But come for the jokes, and stay for the end of his speech, which took on a more inspiring tone, honoring African-American journalist Harry McAlpin. Aw.

McHale, on the other hand, used his trademark biting humor to get quite a few laughs, and possibly even more groans, with a countless number of jokes mocking Chris Christie's weight (and one very poorly received joke about drones). Though McHale's speech may not win him many fans within the political community, it still gave us an already controversial TV moment for all news outlets to dissect over the next 24 hours. Check out both speeches below.

President Obama:

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Joel McHale:

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