Why Castle & Kate Beckett May Get Married on The ‘Castle’ Season 6 Finale

After a season full of action, Castle’s sixth season wraps up next week. We’ve braved the difficulty of a long-distance relationship, both Castle (Nathan Fillon) and Beckett (Stana Katic) nearly dying, the whole Pi thing, and the hinted at reemergence of 3XK. We even somehow made it through all of Kate’s insecurities and concerns about how to balance her work life with everything else. Will it end with Castle and Beckett hearing wedding bells? There are reasons to believe so. (But if you’d like to go into the last two episodes devoid of any spoilers, you may want to avoid reading them.)

Kate’s Mom’s Murderer Reemerges

Kate getting another crack at the man behind her mother’s murder — Senator Bracken (Jack Coleman) — doesn’t seem like something that would lead to the detective walking down the aisle. However, her mother’s murder remains a very sore point for Kate, and the trouble she gets herself into in the penultimate episode “Veritas” in the attempt to catch him raises the stakes considerably. When you find yourself in life-and-death situations, you immediately begin to take stock of your life, and Kate will realize what an important role Castle plays in hers.

Also, the all-out manhunt that Sen. Bracken unleashes to catch Kate gives Castle an excellent opportunity to be her knight in shining armor. In the event that this is actually the end of Bracken’s plotline, then Kate will be whole. She would have caught the man who murdered her mother and she will be in the mood to celebrate. What better way to do that than to marry the person you love?

Is There a Clergyman In the House?

In response to a reader’s request for spoiler info on Castle, TVLine recently reported that an officiant is expected to make an appearance in the finale.

What are the odds of an officiant just hanging around for no particular reason? They have to be slim, right? You don’t go through the trouble of hiring an actor to play a minister and then not use him to marry off the lead characters.

The Finale Title Is…

Arguably the biggest nod to Richard and Kate tying the knot in the finale is the title of the episode: “For Better or Worse.” Either the writers are just being cruel or we’re getting a wedding. And considering how passionate the fans are about the little details like the complete lack of PDA between the crime-solving couple, a fake-out could lead to an outright strike. They wouldn’t dare.

Besides, it looks like ABC is willing to confirm an attempted wedding — the logline for “For Better or Worse” is:

Tune in Monday night to see how Kate and Castle survive Senator Bracken’s assault and learn whether or not the powerful bad guy’s storyline is laid to rest once and for all. The finale airs on May 12. Get the rice ready. I call dibs on the bouquet!

Images: ABC (2)