5SOS's "Don't Stop" Superhero Lyric Video Inspires Fans to be the Real Heroes — VIDEO

5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian band better known as 5sos and they have caused their fan base to have a complete meltdown. How did they do it? The band took what sounded like a relatively simple idea and transformed it into pure, unfiltered awesomeness. The lyric video for their single "Don't Stop" is done entirely in the medium of a superhero comic book and the format works so well that the song doesn't even need a music video anymore.

"Don't Stop" is just one in a long line of awesome lyric videos. Band members Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin are re-imagined as the superheroes Mike-Ro-Wave, Dr. Fluke, CalPal and SmAsh, who take down the bad guys, save the day, and charm the girl. The meaning behind the actual song doesn't matter at all in the wake of all this crime fighting. Of course, the video isn't the first time that the boys have fought crime. Just last week, Irwin tweeted about his sister Lauren being bullied at school, causing 5sos fans to trend "#StayStrongLauren" among other inspiring messages.

The "Don't Stop" music video might not be such an overt anti-bullying advertisement, but it does come with a similar message. If you witness wrongdoing, then it's up to you to find the strength inside yourself to stand up and fight it. Maybe not the convenience store stick-up guy with the gun, however. And you don't necessarily have to wear spandex and acquire a code name, though it probably helps.

Many fans took this concept to heart, tweeting about how much the band meant to them.

They also took it upon themselves to trend five different topics devoted to 5sos worldwide in support of the band and the music video.

With that level of devotion, how long will it be before 5sos have their own Saturday morning superhero cartoon? Now's the best time to lobby for it before the superhero trend in media reaches its limit and dies out in favor of the next thing.

Watch the video below.