So What's Next, 'Revenge'?

Leave it up to Revenge to string us along all season just to cut to the chase right away in its final three episodes. Sunday night's penultimate episode of Revenge, "Impetus," furthered the proof that last week's "Revolution" was a declaration that the series is getting a fourth season. But in all of the times that it gave us a reason to want Revenge Season 4, it left us with even more unanswered questions than last week just ahead of the upcoming Season 3 finale. Like, seriously, who is that guy with a shrine to David Clarke?

Well, he wasn't the one that kidnapped Charlotte on the beach last week — because, surprise, that was none other than Emily Thorne. Which left me, like Nolan, Jack, and Aiden, wondering how/why she justified kidnapping her biological half-sister and using her against the Grayson family. Emily didn't necessarily hurt Charlotte physically, but the mental agony of being kidnapped and held for ransom was probably enough in this situation to do damage. And miraculously, it worked — because Emily knows how smart and persistent Clarke girls can be.

Charlotte's "torture" was being forced to watch true accounts of what happened on Flight 197, while Emily narrated and explained that David Clarke was framed by Conrad for the bombing. Not the worst, but emotionally distressing because Conrad also killed her boyfriend. God, that guy is the damn worst. Emily goaded the Graysons into calling a press conference to confess their crimes in exchange for Charlotte's safety. BUT because she's an evil genius, she sets Charlotte free early, banking on her coaxing a confession out of Conrad herself (which she does!!!!), which Emily broadcasts from a tiny spy-camera on Charlotte's jacket.

So let's take a moment to rejoice, people, because, finally, after three seasons, Emily Thorne has finally taken down a Grayson. And it was an epic moment that made us feel like it was totally worth it to stick by Revenge for this long. (Take note, Pretty Little Liars.) But now, we have to talk about all of the questions "Impetus" posed or just didn't answer while it was being brilliant, like:

Who is David Clarke's secret admirer?

Where did he get David's letters and his monogrammed ring? (And why did David have one of those?)

Is he out to get Emily?

Why did Aiden lie to Jack about letting Emily go?

Will Aiden and Emily actually get married or even last for more than a week?

Will Jack and Emily ever happen?

Will Emily reveal her identity to Charlotte for real?

What did Victoria find in those DNA tests?

Why does Daniel Grayson suck SO BADLY?

Will Conrad help Emily take down Victoria?

Will Emily actually work with Conrad?

I know I said this last week, but, God, it feels great to be excited about Revenge again. Here's hoping that next Sunday's season finale holds up against the past two weeks' stellar episodes.

Image: ABC