'Revenge' Went Big So It Won't Go Home

It's been a long time since ABC's Revenge really shocked us with an episode. But, on Sunday night, the drama series did just that. We thought things had gotten crazy and violent when Emily got shot in the midseason finale and Victoria and Patrick bludgeoned his father to death. But that was nothing compared to what was to come in Revenge's 10 pm time slot — Emily's new identity seemed like it might save the show, but apparently the series has a lot more going for it than we thought. And all of those things are soaked in blood.

"Revolution" was, to the say the least, a shocker in comparison to other episodes Revenge has aired during its third season. And with only a few episodes left in Season 3, it's clear that the ABC drama is going to get renewed for the fourth run. How do we know? Because Sunday night's episode drummed up so much attention, we weren't even sure where to look or what to question first. So here are the top three biggest moments that have us certain that Revenge will return.

Pascal LaMarchel Is Dead

THIS WAS INSANE. CONRAD IS OUT OF CONTROL. My brain was on overload as this scene unfolded. After Emily caught up with Pascal and Victoria and realized that he was talking to the feds, she confided in Daniel, who then confided in Conrad. This family is really just the worst, but okay. Conrad obviously knew that Pascal would sell him out to keep Victoria safe because he really did love her — so how do we solve that problem in the Hamptons? BY THROWING OUR ENEMIES INTO HELICOPTER PROPELLERS. I'm not even kidding — and even Emily was shocked to see Conrad murder someone in such a gruesome way and then wander around the helipad looking all American Psycho. Emily's clearly got her hands full now.

David Clarke Has Another Revenge-Seeker

Who the hell is this guy and why is he creeping out of his cabin in the woods now? Oh, right, because Revenge only has a handful of episodes left and we're trying to up the suspense and drama. Not only is this guy the ultimate creeper — both because he's a lurker and living in an isolated, serial killer-esque cabin — but he's also got a handful of David Clarke letters and the guy's pinky ring. He's obviously not David Clarke because David Clarke is dead — so who is he? His illegitimate son that Emily doesn't know about? Someone he met in prison? We have no idea, we don't even know his name, but he just kidnapped Charlotte so he's really going to eff things up.

Daniel Is Probably A Sociopath

This guy — what the hell happened to him? Well, other than being tricked into marrying Emily as part of a plot to send his family to jail. Daniel's apparently on an epic rampage and he DGAF about who he hurts in the process — including his dear, old mom. He shuffled over to Conrad's hotel and swapped his mother's secret about Pascal talking to the FBI and then he got this "friend in Interpol" involved. Daniel really loves having a "friend in Interpol." But anyway, when Conrad killed Pascal, and Victoria, obviously distraught, asked Daniel why he'd opened his big mouth when she asked him not to — HE WASN'T EVEN SORRY. He just looked at his mother like she disgusted him for being involved with Pascal and called it a day. Daniel's gone off the deep end, but at least he's not boring anymore.

For the first time since Season 1 we're actually excited about Revenge again. Happy killing, people.

Image: ABC