These Met Gala Mini-Me's Are So Adorable

It's basically a scientific fact: mini versions of things are always better than their normal-sized counterparts. Serve tiny fish tacos at a preview, and I'm almost guaranteed to blog about your brand. Send me a video of a munchkin cat, and I'll be completely out of commission for the rest of the day. Don't even get me started on Converse for babies. And, no matter how many times I see Mayhem rocking her toddler-sized versions of red carpet gowns, it never gets old.

Apparently, Vogue agrees. To prep for the impending Met Gala on Monday, they've teamed up with the 4-year-old model and her mother, who runs the blog Fashion by Mayhem, to create paper versions of some of the most iconic looks from the artsy soirée. The looks, including Sarah Jessica Parker's plaid number from 2006 and Rihanna's statement shoulder suit from 2009, are just as legit as their original designs, especially with Mayhem giving some serious face to the camera.

Having Vogue on your resume before she even hits kindergarten makes for some major street cred for Mayhem who, if these photos are any indication, could definitely try her hand at a modeling or designing career once she gets just a little bit older.

Head on over to Vogue 's Instagram to check out even more of the amazing looks from Mayhem — it looks like they'll be posting all day.

Images: Vogue Instagram