Jennifer Lopez's New Album Cover & Title Has a Secret Message for Fans — PHOTO

Jennifer Lopez announced the title and cover of her next album via Twitter and they compliment one another perfectly. Remember way back in 2001 when she warned us all not to be fooled by the rocks that she's got because she's still Jenny From the Block? That's what her new album cover seems to be saying. Lopez's next album is called A.K.A. and the cover art features a heavily photoshopped Lopez staring powerfully out at the viewer in a red belted top and pencil skirt.

Lopez has said that A.K.A. features songs that make her feel good and happy, which, admittedly, doesn't seem to be reflected by her cover. She doesn't look happy in the picture. She looks attractive, if not a little terrifying, but happy isn't the word I'd use to describe this cover. But if there's one thing Jennifer Lopez A.K.A. J. Lo A.K.A. Jenny from the Block could be trying to tell the world with this cover, it's that she lives in a world of personas. Lorde has tweeted her protest of photoshop and Lady Gaga has made an impassioned speech against photoshop before, but Lopez wields it in what has the potential to be a very interesting way.

Photoshopping is way too common in celebrity photographs — or any official photographs — to be considered a statement every time, but combined with the album title A.K.A. it almost feels like Lopez is saying that the woman on the cover is who she's also known as: strong, fierce, idealized perfection wrapped in red bondage wear almost like she's acknowledging how trapped she is. Combine that with the fact that Lopez said her songs are about love when she previewed the song in Malibu on April 25 and A.K.A. could take on a lot of different meanings depending on what aspect of Lopez she chooses to highlight through those songs.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Lopez wasn't trying to be so profound. A.K.A.'s album art is her first full-body shot on a cover since Rebirth and the most cleavage she's shown since This Is Me... Then. Lopez could just be trying to prove to the world that she still looks as good now as she did several albums ago, as if any of us had gone blind between then and now. Lopez's tenth album was almost called Same Girl instead of A.K.A. after the album single of the same name, after all.

However, Same Girl doesn't carry quite as powerful a statement as A.K.A. does. It's short, sweet, to the point, and opens itself up to a lot more interpretation. What more does an album title need?