Lorde Doesn't Like Being Photoshopped

I have an obsession with this singer, and not just for her music. The 17 year old Lorde used her international stage to draw attention to the fact that having flaws is okay. For a teenager in the spotlight to understand that, and to preach it to those who look up to her is a really important thing. Today on Twitter she posted two photos of the same concert and pointed out that while one was photoshopped the other showed her not-so-clear skin for what it was. "Remember flaws are ok :-)" she captioned the pic. Though edited photos of celebs are as common as breathing and we should tell ourselves that every time a picture makes us feel inadequate, our brains don't always convey that message to our eyes. So that's why when celebrities like Lorde or Emma Watson remind us that they don't wake up looking flawless either, we can breathe a sigh of relief. In the back of our minds we know this, sometimes it's all too easy to forget.

Fortunetaly Lorde doesn't mind sending us the occasional reminder. In addition to today's tweet, she's not afraid to get real on Instagram. Whether it's doing things like brushing her teeth (with her adorable boyfriend):

Or wearing zit cream:

Or playing with her food:

So kudos to Lorde who, despite her young age, is rocking it when it comes to advice:

Image: Instagram/Lorde [3]