10 Snail Mail Invitations, Because We're Over Evites

Call me old fashioned, but I am way more likely to come to your party if you send me a letter in the mail. Mostly because I'd be too sacred to say no (Mail is terrifying! Who even sends letters anymore?!). Who's with me? Let's make Facebook invites a thing of the past (and get more comfortable with snail mail) with these 10 amazing invitations.

Image: Oh Happy Day

woodland party invites

Make your first outdoor party of the season super special with these adorable woodland invites from Oh Happy Day.

Image: Oh Happy Day

birthday balloon invitations

It’s not news that Rifle Paper Co. has awesome invites, and these birthday balloons are simple and sweet.

Birthday Balloon Invitations, box of 10 $18,

test tube invitations

What are you doing?! Bookmark these test tube invites from Sugar & Cloth for Halloween already!

Image: Sugar & Cloth

confetti triangle invitations

Get extra festive with these confetti triangle invites from Oh Happy Day, and make sure to apologize in advance for the clean up.

Image: Oh Happy Day

things to bring to party invites

I can make you a long list of things to bring to my party, but this card sums it up nicely.

Things To Bring To My Party invitations, set of 10 $12,

party supply invitation

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as cute as these party supply invites from Oh Happy Day.

Image: Oh Happy Day

secret mission invitation

I recently realized that A) I want to be a kid detective when I grow up and B) that ship has sailed. Maybe my dream can still come true with these amazing secret mission invitations from Oh Happy Day.

Image: Oh Happy Day

sleuth party invitations

Keep these sleuth invites in mind if you want to throw a Sherlock viewing party.

Sleuth Invites, box of 10, $18,

cat lady party

Cat ladies have a bad rap — invite the ones in your life over for a pow wow.

Cat Ladies Unite, $4,

hogwarts invitation

You are probably depressed you never got your Hogwarts letter of acceptance. Don’t worry, I am too. These cool invites can almost fill the hole in your heart.

Hogwarts Invitation, $12,