The 11 Kitchen Decor Ideas for, Because We Know You Spend a Lot of Time In There

In the thrilling world of home decor, the humble kitchen is often overlooked. Unbelievable, I know — the kitchen is the most important room in the house, if you ask me. I need something nice to look at while I eat bread over the sink or work on my night cheese. With that in mind, I found the 11 best ways to decorate your kitchen and make those late-night trips to the fridge even more enjoyable.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

teal and gold tray

These teal and gold serving trays can easily add a much-needed pop of color.

Teal and Gold Tray, $18,

decorative spoons

Although you can’t cook with them, these customizable decorative spoons add color and personality to an otherwise boring collection of utensils.

Decorative Spoons, $27,

plums poster print

Add some sweetness to your walls with this lovely plum poster.

Plums Poster Print, $85,

poppy polka dot tea towel

Tea towels are an easy and practical way to add color to your kitchen. Try this red and white poppy polka dot towel.

Poppy Polka Dot Tea Towel, $15,

bulldog dishtowel

If you’re a francophile and a dog lover, boy have I found the tea towel for you. Show off your two loves while you dry your dishes.

Bulldog Dishtowel, $22,

mason jar spoon or soap rest

If you haven’t had enough of Mason jars yet, try this spoon rest made from a melted one. Cool, right?

Mason Jar Spoon Rest, $19,

corkboard message center

Organize your life with this message center complete with a spot for some fresh flowers and a hook for your keys.

Corkboard Message Center, $68,

loop-di-loop apron

Cook in style with this blue and white loop-di-loop apron. I’m mad it’s not a real dress, too.

Loop-Di-Loop Apring, $36,

confetti triangle wall decals

If you are renting a place like me, try decorating the walls with these removable vinyl confetti stickers. They add just the right amount of cool without permanently changing your apartment.

Confetti Triangle Decals, $30,

hand stamped clementine wall

If you can’t tell, I am A Beautiful Mess’ biggest fan and their hand-stamped clementine wall is my favorite project of theirs. It is the sweetest and most colorful way to add some personality to your kitchen.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

recycled eat sign

If you feel like splurging on some truly awesome decor then you have got to get this stunning rustic EAT sign.

Rustic Recyled EAT Sign $129,