'Fox & Friends' Aired An "Are Female Breadwinners A Problem?" Segment, And Here Are The 3 Dumbest Questions Asked

Fox & Friends is one of the great, charitable institutions of this country (no, not really). I do think, however, that their supervisor could have stepped in Sunday before airing a Fox & Friends segment entitled: "Alpha Women: Are Female Breadwinners A Problem?" Co-host Clayton Morris moderated the conversation, which featured gender studies professor Joanne Nosuchinsky, co-host of The Independents Kmele Foster, and Kris Schoels of YoungMarriedChic.com.

Even Jon Stewart, my unicorn, idol, and the object of my (predominantly sexual) fantasies infuriates me when he allows Fox pundits to get away with their rants by only mocking it. But with the Internet as my sole pulpit, I must settle for fighting back with the following listicle. And so I give you, the 3 most idiotic questions asked by Clayton Morris. In his words: "Let's roll up our sleeves and get a little dirty here."

1. Is there a problem with men earning less than women in the household and do you think that it could actually cause big marital problems?

Maybe, if every woman married a chauvinistic, insecure relic of the 1950s.

2. Isn't there some biological, innate need for men to be the caveman, to go out and bring home the dinner?

Actually, no.

3. Would you lose respect for the guy who is at home, and seemingly… it's hard, right? Because they're at home doing the laundry, they're taking care of the kids, they're doing those other things, and when you come home after a long day, it's as if that stuff sometimes doesn't matter or add up to the day that you've had?

Wait, sorry, I'm so confused… You're saying it's weird when a man stays at home but not when a woman does? That's not it, right? Or that women just aren't as concerned about having a less important day than their caveman husbands? Ha ha ha, stupid me being a stupid little girl. Sorry for wasting your time; I clearly don't understand what is going on.

You can watch the segment here.

Image: Fox News; ReactionGIFs.com