Kylie Jenner Parties With Justin Bieber In Vegas Making Us Wonder, Where The Eff Is Kris Jenner?

Kris Jenner must be real distracted with the Kimye wedding, because her youngest daughter is up to some pretty questionable shenanigans. Kylie Jenner went to the Floyd Mayweather fight with Justin Bieber on Saturday after earlier in the day hanging out with Lil Za. There are so many things wrong with that sentence and they're made even worse went you remember that Kylie is only 16. The entire thing is evidence that Kris is too busy deciding between orchids and peonies to be involved in the life of all six of her children.

I'm not saying that Kris is a bad mother. She knows she's a busy lady and has admitted she uses Google Alerts to "keep up with these Kardashians" (ha!), so you can make your own decisions about her. All I'm saying is, when you're 16 you take advantage of your parents being distracted. Dad in the middle of working? Perfect time to ask if you can borrow the car. The thing is, Kylie is rich and famous so instead of asking to use the Volkswagon while her dad is focusing on work, she jets off to Las Vegas while her mom is trying to figure out if holding Kim's wedding at the Palace of Versailles is really off the table.

A 16-year-old going to Vegas with friends is pretty odd on its own, but if you add in that she was there to see known horrible person/boxer Floyd Mayweather fight along with immature lawbreaker/pop singer Justin Bieber, then it is very clear that this was no place for a minor. Then there's the fact that earlier in the day she hung out with felon/Justin Bieber hanger-on Lil Za and the whole thing just makes you wonder where the heck Kris was? Or what about Bruce? Bruce was always the more strict one on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and he doesn't strike me as much of a wedding planner, so what gives?

Kylie obviously does not have a normal upbringing and that's cool, it happens, sometimes your family is just a bunch of super famous reality TV stars. I get it. But this does not mean that she should be watching Mayweather fights in Vegas with the Biebz. Hopefully this is just a phase and after Kris is done with Kimye wedding planning and Bruce is no longer distracted with whatever he has going on (figuring out how to cancel E! from his cable service?), they'll be back to putting Kylie in her place: Los Angeles where she can party underage within an appropriate distance from home.

Image: Justin Bieber/Instagram