Great News For 'OITNB' Fans!

The clock is quickly ticking down until we finally get our Netflix-ready hands on the second season of Orange Is the New Black. It turns out we can already celebrate for next year, though: Orange Is the New Black is renewed for Season 3 already. Glory be hallelujah.

Yes, we can already count on more hijinks, adventures, and sociopolitical commentary from the ladies (and gross men) of Litchfield Penitentiary. This news first came from the social media mouth of Laura Prepon, AKA the ever-popular Alex Vause. She instagrammed a picture of a whiteboard listing potential episode titles for the show's third season. It's somewhat fitting she'd be the one to break the news, seeing as it was just recently announced that she'd be returning full-time to the show come Season 3.

The news was then confirmed by the official twitter of the Orange Is the New Black writers room, who posted the same picture along with the caption "we're back." Examples of the whiteboard listings: "The Rapiest Pap Smear," "I'm a Bitch Because I'm Sad," "Heroin Robin Hood," "The Great Hate Fuck," "The Never-Ending Rumspringa."

This news comes a month before Season 2 makes its debut on Netflix, but it's no big surprise: Though the general public still doesn't have access to Netflix's viewer stats Orange Is the New Black has been considered a big hit for them. And this isn't even the first time they've renewed the show before seeing the reception it'd get: They picked it up for Season 2 before Season 1 had even aired.

So buckle up, because things are likely to get even more cray over at Litchfield real soon — that's just the Jenji Kohan way.

Image: Netflix