A Second 'Spring Breakers' Is A Thing That Is Happening, For Better & For Worse

So, it looks like a second Spring Breakers is happening. The folks over at the production company Wild Bunch are looking to take this sorta-kinda-sequel (more on that, later), called Spring Breakers: The Second Coming to the Cannes Film Festival Market. So why isn't this exactly a sequel?

Well, according to Screen Daily, it's just going contain references to its predecessor. After all, some characters did die... but that never stopped the Scream franchise, did it? Anyhow, James Franco alluded to a prequel back in September, so that, at first glance, seems like a viable option. He said to MTV back then:

I don’t think Harmony [Korine] really wants do to Spring Breakers 2. He’s not the one who’s been talking about it. Although, when we were making the movie, there was talk of a prequel. [...] My character and Gucci Mane’s character were supposed to have been former friends, so we at one time talked about, ‘What was that like? Let’s make that movie!’ So there’s that. There’s a prequel version, or there’s the version of Alien’s friend or something. I don’t know.

As Franco suggested, Harmonie Korine will not serve as writer or director and Trainspotting director, Irvine Welsh, has penned the script; Jonas Akerlund will be directing the movie. And this plot spec sounds pretty special:

An extreme militant Christian sect that attempts to convert them.

Well, as with all things, we shall see what happens with this second coming, and what happens when the militant Christians convert the parties. Yup. Second coming. I gotcha now.

Image: Radar Productions