Should NeNe Leakes Be Fired From 'RHOA'?

With this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta rolling to a dramatic stop, there's one person who would love nothing more than to make the absence of NeNe Leakes on our TV screens a permanent situation. Wendy Williams announced yesterday during her show that she believes Leakes should be fired. The no-holds-barred talk show host used the words "jealous," "bitter," "childish" and "vindictive" to describe the reality star.No argument there. Leakes' drastic ego inflation occurred in sync with her "rise" to fame, but she's always been more on the obnoxious side, which is why I never understood how she gained so many fans. Regardless of Williams' campaign for Leakes to get the Bravo boot, there are some cons and pros to having a NeNe-free Housewives franchise.


We won't have to see her at reunions. To me, this is where the snobbiest side of her personality surfaces. This season's reunion included her usual air of indifference, but her antics reached a new level of ridiculousness when she refused to discuss stuff that happened on the show. Um, isn't that why you're there?It didn't take a psychic to predict the crash and burn of her friendship with Cynthia Bailey, but I don't know if I can stomach watching another naive cast member befriend her, only to have their hearts trampled on by Leakes' dagger-like stilettos.

Even though her drama elevated her to the highest paid of the Housewives, maybe, just maybe her replacement will be slightly less irritating. No? Oh. Let's move on to cons.


With Leakes' continued presence on the show, there will be guaranteed drama and much like the Kardashians, those of us who threaten to change the channel never do. Leakes' exit from the show will mean no more facial expressions like this...

Life won't be the same if we're denied the chance to bear witness to her ongoing wig transition...

Finally, if Bravo axed Leakes for her role as the bitter bully, that could prompt a widespread axing of all reality TV villains, which would signal the end of an era. For those of us who love to hate it (and write about it), that suggestion sounds downright preposterous.