'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season 9 Promo Will Draw You In, Unfortunately — VIDEO

As much as everyone claims to be disgusted by the incessant Kardashian coverage, the new Season 9 of Keeping Up With Kardashians proves that people do, in fact, continue to follow the reality TV family's exploits, even if we know their onscreen portrayal is majorly manufactured. E! just released a flashback-infused clip of the upcoming season, reminding us just how far the family of fame magnets has come. The sneak peek, although limited, also brings to mind a few reasons why people will defy their instincts and allow themselves to be sucked back into faithfully watching yet another season of the show.First of all, there's "Le Wedding." Regardless of whether your interest is disgust-borne or stems from an insatiable thirst for all things Kimye, virtually everyone's foaming at the mouth to see this damn thing take place already. Will Beyoncé and Jay Z shock the world and show up at the ceremony front row and center? Will Kanye West have a mid-marriage meltdown? Furthermore, did Kimye already marry?Also, who doesn't want to know what the hell happened to Bruce Jenner? This season's bound to include an explanation of his questionable physical transformation. And we're still not quite clear on his status with Kris Jenner. The couple may have announced their separation, but as far as we can tell, they've yet to actually go through with a divorce. Outside of "Le Wedding," and the parental drama, there's speculation that Kourtney Kardashian may be pregnant again and newly-svelte sister Khloé is rumored to have a new man and a new hosting gig. And the weight loss efforts and rehab allegations surrounding Rob (aka the sleeper Kardashian) may even be enough for an alluring storyline. Plus, as everyone knows by now Kylie and Kendall Jenner are all grown up. So many storylines...and as much as we hate to keep up, we know all this drama is enough to convince us to keep watching. Check out the new season preview below: