Kid Cudi to Star in and Score His First Film — Why The Rapper Will Make It A Success

Kid Cudi may not want to be famous, but if he keeps up his current musical progression, he will have no choice but to surrender to the spotlight. According to an announcement made by Borderline Films, Kid Cudi will have two roles in the upcoming movie James White. Not only does he have a starring role, but Kid Cudi will also score the film. We wondered if his recent surprise album release could impact movies, but there's no questioning that putting is touch on this film is the right move.

Obviously scores play a major role in setting a film's tone. Kid Cudi's moody music will undoubtedly mesh well with the task at hand, specifically due to the nature of the project. Per the film's press release, the plot involves the central character "struggling to take control of his reckless, self-destructive behavior in the face of momentous family challenges." Last year, Cudi publicly addressed his own mental health issues, so his personal experiences make him an ideal candidate to create music for this film.Also, Cudi's admitted to being quite the movie buff. He incorporated film quotes in his albums, such as the song "Immortal," which contains a line from Adam Sandler's Billy Madison.Kid Cudi joins a list of other rappers who have scored films before, including Wu-Tang's RZA, whose film credits include everything from Freedom Writers to Kill Bill Vol. 1 . Last year, with the help of The Bullitts' Jeymes Samuel, Jay Z penned songs for The Great Gatsby score. More recently, Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock scored a Sundance film.Unlike those who questioned his crop top and jean short Coachella ensemble, few will disagree that Kid Cudi's style and a film score will match up perfectly.