Khloe Kardsahian's Next Job Won't Involve Her Sisters (Or Her Mom!)

With Chelsea Handler jumping the E! ship for presumably bigger waters, a sort of black hole has opened up in the void she'll leave behind. And who better to fill up that void, really, than a Kardashian? And apparently there might actually be a chance of that: Khloe Kardashian's rumored to be a candidate for Handler's slot. And was there ever a better Kardashian to fly solo? Spoiler alert: No, there was not.

This is still a tidbit that lives solidly in the ~*extremely rumory rumors*~ section of entertainment gossip, but it's one that makes enough sense that we wouldn't be at all surprised if it came to fruition. The Kardashians, after all, are undoubtedly the royal family of E!. Khloe's also radio show she hosted in Miami for a while. Khloe is bawdy, she's raunchy, and she's hardly afraid to pull those qualities out of people in conversation — who better to take the reigns next for the network? Mom Kris Jenner's talk show might not have worked out, but if there's anyone in that family better groomed to actually make it work, it seems to be Khloe.

The Kardashian family gets a fair amount of backlash wherever they go, but E! is their home, and honestly we can't think of a better place for Khloe than right there. And going solo? That sounds like a pretty sweet deal — Keeping Up With The Kardashians will undoubtedly live on, but striking out on one's own seems like a pretty solid goal in a big brood like that.

Khloe might not be the experienced comedian that Handler is, but daytime shows have long proven that's not a requirement: What you need is personality, and we all know Kardashians have that in spades.

Image: Tumblr