Billy Eichner Meets Olivia Wilde, Quizzes Her

It's become clear over these past few months: We live in the age of Billy Eichner. Who better to bring to life our natural urges to scream about/at celebrities? Dude makes it feel suprisingly benevolent and consistently funny — like when Eichner quizzed Olivia Wilde about John Mayer and her sex life with Jason Sudeikis.

The last time we checked in with Eichner he was getting a new show via Amy Poehler. Before that he had his crew construct an entire Meryl Streep playground, proving he knows the fastest way to our souls. Basically the dude's on a roll here, and it's showing no signs of stopping with this most recent quiz session.

He starts off by questioning Wilde about those comments she made about she and Sudeikis' sex life (apparently they "f*** like Kenyan marathon runners"), which was apparently the product of a random woman reporting the conversation. But the real intrigue here lies in the portion of the video where he tests her ability to differentiate between quotes said by musician John Mayer and those said by overly romantic cartoon character Pepé Le Pew. It's a surprisingly difficult game, which she does not do fabulously well at. But hey, we wouldn't, either — John Mayer sure sounds like a cartoon cat.

Image: Funny Or Die