Is Nev From 'Catfish' Single? We're Asking For A Friend

The long awaited premiere of the third season of MTV's hit reality series is finally here, and while this means we get a new batch of implausibly ridiculous Catfish stories of online love gone wrong, I’m excited for the show to return for a different reason: Catfish host and creator Nev Schulman. The show’s adorably dorky host is on a mission to help people who fell for the same web of lies he once fell for and is officially back in action. Welcome back, sassy one-liners and armchair therapy sessions! I’ve missed you. And he’s not too hard on the eyes, either.

Which is why I know exactly what you’re thinking: Is Nev single? I am so sorry I have to be the one to break the news to you, but no, he is not — and it’s not because he and his co-host Max Joseph have decided to take the next step in their legendary bromance. Nope, Nev appears to be happily in a relationship and the girl he’s with is just as cute as he is.

We first found out about Nev’s relationship with Shanee Pink back in September 2013, but it’s been awhile. Things change. Desperately trying to keep hope alive, I searched for evidence of a breakup, but unfortunately, none could be found — just Shanee’s Twitter feed full of loving support of her successful boyfriend and his career.

Bummer. For us, I mean — not for those two. Shanee and Nev seem to be happily in love, and now that I know who Shanee is, they seem like a great match. Shanee, a 30-year-old Los Angeles native who grew up in Tel Aviv, is a recording artist who just recently released a five-song EP. She reminds me a little of Natalie Portman, but her music reminds me a little of Zooey Deschanel, and obviously, this is an ideal combination.

It is also Shanee who is responsible for this Instagram of Nev in a tank top drinking out of a Dr. Phil mug. My thank you card is already in the mail.

Want to see the couple together for yourself? Nev makes a guest appearance in the music video for Shanee’s song “Spreading In The Light,” where they first lock eyes at a dinner party and then engage in some moody underwater flirtation.

Congratulations on what seems like an awesome relationship, you guys. And you didn’t even have to Skype it out first.

Images: MTV