Is Max Joseph From 'Catfish' Dating Anyone? Read It & Weep, Ladies

Some of us watch Catfish for the crazy stories, but most of us watch for the undeniably adorable duo that is Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. These two are unstoppable when it comes to solving online dating mysteries, but what about their own love lives? We know Nev is already spoken for, but what about Max? While some may be hell bent on the idea that Max is gay (there are rumors that he and Nev are secretly in a relationship), I’ve got some news for you: Not only is Max straight, but he is also married. Boom.

According to Starcasm, Max is married to Brazilian fashion blogger Priscila Joseph, and when they’re not traveling the globe together, they’re at home in California. On her website, Priscila says she started blogging because she wanted to find a way to combine her passion for fashion, journalism, and retail, and even credits Max for helping her become so successful, stating that his “creativity has added to the site’s visual quality.” Aww.

My next question: Will Priscila ever pop up in front of the camera? We'd love to get a female perspective on some of the nutty Catfish situations her husband and his trusty sidekick find themselves in. MTV, are you writing this down?

Plus, with how much time Nev and Max spend together, we’d assume Priscila would have to get along with her husband’s BFF. Don’t worry — all signs point to Priscila fitting in just fine with the group. In fact, Priscila and Nev’s girlfriend, Sheena Pink, accompanied the guys to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, where Priscila posed for a kiss on each cheek from Max and Nev and posted the evidence on Instagram. BRB, Photoshopping my face over Priscila’s in that picture.

When Max isn’t busy being the "cameraman" behind Catfish (to be more accurate: the guy who offers sarcastic commentary while holding a pretty much useless digital camera) or hanging out with his wife, he’s releasing his own independent films. His latest, “Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic,” follows indie record label DFA Records and recently premiered at SXSW.

Meanwhile, I can now rest assured that while Max is figuring out why people would lie on the internet (answer: because they can), he’ll never be a victim of a catfish himself. Although, if it happened, it would make an awesome follow-up to Nev's documentary. We can see it now. Catfish: Fooled Again!

Images: MTV; Instagram/Prijoseph