"Ew!" Has Got to Go

The never-ending promotion of Neighbors keeps on rolling and Tuesday night stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron visited The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And because nothing sells a film better than watching its leads dressed up as teen girls and making awkward James Franco jokes, Efron and Rogen joined Fallon for another addition of "Ew!" No matter how many times Fallon does the "Ew!" sketch, it doesn't get any better. Sure, it's vaguely funny how Seth Rogen still has a beard and how Zac Efron looks like the most like his character (those eyebrows!) but doesn't put any effort into changing his voice, but overall, a bunch of adults dressing like tweens just ain't that funny.

This isn't to say that tweens aren't inherently funny because they most definitely are with their awkwardness, the way they think they're grown up, their One Direction obsessions, but a 40-year-old man dresses as a tween and making fun of the way they love Frappuccinos is really just disappointing. There really isn't enough there for a five minute sketch, but yet, it's still happening.

As for Tuesday's episode of "Ew!" in particular, the joke about James Franco texting all three of the girls at the end was a little unsettling considering how lighthearted "Ew!" is overall. This isn't to say that there's anything necessarily wrong with joking about something like this, just in this scenario it's literally going from joking about girls dancing to Lil Jon to joking about James Franco, who recently chatted over Instagram with a 17-year-old (which is legal, but still uncomfortable), texting three 13-year-olds.

The "Ew!" skit is one small part of The Tonight Show (and was one small part of Late Night), but it's time for it to go. It's just not funny and watching Fallon and his guests, whether they're men or women, pretend to be tweens seems desperate. And this is not a show that is desperate, so it shouldn't appear that way. Fallon has done a great job late night hosting for several years and the show has other funny segments.

Then again, the crowd seems to like it.

Decide for yourself:

Image: NBC