'Power Rangers' Movie Reboot Made by 'Hunger Games' People Sounds Wonderfully '90s

And now, a blast from the past from your childhood: there is going to be a Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers movie. Nope, this is not 1995, this is 2014, and by the time the movie hits theaters, it's likely that the original Power Rangers movie, which was released in 1995, will have celebrated its 20th anniversary. This reboot of the popular franchise that hit television in 1993 will be a real trip down the nostalgia river... but don't expect it to be rife with cheesy '90s stuff.

Lionsgate will be partnering with Saban Brands in order to bring you this reboot, and lest you forget who the folks at Lionsgate are — why, they're the people who brought you The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Divergent. The fact that they're doing the new Power Rangers movie feels moderately appropriate in this day and age since the franchise is about teens with superpowers who must save the world, but these aren't just any teens! These are teens with a really, really '90s theme song. Please, for the love of my childhood, do not reboot the song. It's a classic:

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Anyway. With Lionsgate bringing us this reboot, am I allowed to say that Jennifer Lawrence as the Pink Ranger would be some dream casting right up in here?


Talk about ass-kicking lady characters. Plus, this girl's a pterodactyl. That's like, obvious fodder for a lady who was both Katniss and Mystique.

But even if J. Law stepped in as The Pink Rnger, we'd still have a problem with the reboot: maintaining that '90s spirit. What are the animal-dinosaur-hormonal teens if not gems that belong on the mantelpiece that is nostalgia? Would a Power Rangers reboot be... well, worth it? A reboot by Lionsgate would surely make every effort to be "cool" and "for a modern generation," and the Rangers would probably just have apps on their phones to morph into their respective creatures — but wasn't Power Rangers essentially defined on how not cool it was?

A better choice to helm this reboot over Lionsgate might be Steven Moffat, who took Dr. Who and revamped it, making it COOLER THAN EVER without losing its campiness. A BBC version of Power Rangers would be the stuff nerd dreams are made of, wouldn't it? Mighty British Power Rangers!

Til then, go go go Power Rangers, you mighty, morphin-but-always-'90s Power Rangers...


Image: Saban Entertainment/GIF/GIF