'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Should Not Be Cut From Potential Season 5

First things first: I don't like Farrah Abraham. I don't like her now that she's a pseudo porn actress and I didn't back in her Teen Mom days when she spent more time whining about getting a boob job than taking care of her daughter. But even though I would rather spend time with just about any other reality star doesn't mean that I agree with MTV's alleged decision regarding this teen mom. According to reports, MTV has cut Teen Mom Farrah from negotiations for a new, potential fifth season, on the grounds that she's a "bad example."

The other girls, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell, are supposedly in talks to revamp the series.

Am I the only one who finds leaving Farrah out a tad bit hypocritical? Farrah isn't anyone's idea of a role model, but what makes her such a bad example when compared to the other mothers that the show is currently employing? Take Amber Portwood, for example. Amber served 17 months of a five year jail sentence for drug possession, and yet the show isn't citing her as a bad example for viewers. That's not to mention her unhealthy relationship with her daughter's father that escalated to domestic abuse. While not all of the Teen Mom stars have quite as rocky a past, I wouldn't say that Farrah is the worst of the bunch. (Personality-wise, absolutely, but morally? Meh.)

According to reports, it was Amber and her fellow Teen Moms who thought that Farrah should be cut out of the show, as well. An insider told Us Weekly:

[The other Teen Mom stars] feel that she sets a bad example and doesn't represent the network well... They don't want their kids on a show where someone's talking about sex toys.

Am I the only one slightly annoyed by that statement? Farrah's a bad example not because she's kind of awful and a really irresponsible parent (she is) but because she dares to open her mouth about vibrators? It just seems ridiculous. These women don't have to agree with Farrah's decisions, but hasn't everyone made bad choices at one point or another on this show? Honestly, it seems like these ladies are shaming Farrah for being sexual, and coming from a group of teen moms who have faced similar criticisms in the past, it's disappointing.