'Full House' Turns Into a Horror Movie That Will Haunt Your Nightmares — VIDEO

Everywhere you look...That classic theme song usually provides a feeling of warmth and syrupy, saccharine family times, doesn't it? But, thanks to the generosity of the Internet and HSG Productions, we've got a trailer for Full House as a horror movie. It seems a little bizarre at first — how could the marzipan of family sitcoms become scary? — but once you watch it, it'll totally make sense.

Jay Somsen took some moments from the show and made a super cut of some moments out of context, amidst a soundtrack that sounds like it came directly from a classic horror film. He specifically targets Danny Tanner, the Patriarch of All Patriarchs and King of Familial Platitudes, as the primary villain. He loves his family too much! He cleans! Nothing can stop him from hugging and kissing! Why are kids crying all the time in their rooms and hugging each other as though this is goodbye? Ah, such tropes of horror films.

The result is incredibly on point, as it really does seem like a trailer for a horror movie. It's also partly funny... and it's also really, really, really creepy. You will not watch syndicated re-runs of Full House the same way ever again.

But you should definitely check this out:

HSG Productions on YouTube

Image: ABC