How To Stay On Top Of The Pistorius Trial

Can't get enough of the Oscar Pistorius trial? Neither can we. Every single sob, heave and "my lady" that comes from the former Olympian — we want to hear about it. Every razor-sharp question fired at a witness by pugnacious "pit bull" prosecutor Gerrie Nel — pass it our way. Every single news outlet and its mother is running some kind of Pistorius coverage, but we've narrowed down the very best just for you so you don't have to miss a moment...


Fancy getting up at 2:30 a.m. ET to watch a live-stream of the trial? We don't blame you. This one from British newspaper The Telegraph is fantastic place to watch the Pistorius trial online, as it happens. At the top of the page you can watch the live stream, but if you get there too late then there's plenty of information and short highlights videos as you scroll down to give you a feel for the highs and lows of the day.

Another great option is the Sky News video channel on YouTube. Sky offers a live feed and then great round-ups of around 20 minutes each of all of the day's key moments. Check out their latest from Tuesday:


Once again, British outlets are killing it, probably because there's a much more reasonable time difference between the UK and South Africa. If you're not fussed on wading through hours of court videos, live blogs of the Pistorius trial might just be your thing. This one from The Guardian is awesome — it offers a time-stamped blow-by-blow account of the action in the court room, liberally sprinkled with videos and tweets.

There's also an option just under the headline to jump right to a summary of the day's evidence if you're pushed for time. The UK's Mirror also offers a pretty good, simple and straight-forward live blog, complete with a photo gallery.

If you want line-by-line updates every minute then the live blog offering from News24 might be your bag. This blog also offers a few videos and tweets to pep up the newsfeed.

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What could be better than getting all of the action as it happens from those closest to the trial itself? There are some great journalists and outlets covering the trial on Twitter, who are offering amazing insight into the goings-on in the court room. Follow #OscarPistorius and #OscarTrial, and make yourself a Pistorius list with these guys on it:

Sky's Alex Crawford (@AlexCrawfordSky) is one of my top picks. She doesn't miss a beat.

I'm also glued to the feed of the Guardian's David Smith (@SmithInAfrica), the outlet's Africa correspondent.

For updates from inside the Pistorius camp, Factual Updates (@OscarHardTruth) is the account to follow. There's not much going on there at the moment, but Pistorius's PR team has promised to reactivate the Twitter handle "once the legal process has taken its course."

The BBC's Andrew Harding (@BBCAndrewH) is the media giant's Africa correspondent, offering his insight from inside the courtroom.

Lawyer Emma Sadleir (@EmmaSadleir) works for The Oscar Pistorius Trial, a television channel set up by South Africa's DStv purely to cover the trial. She specializes in social media, and invites Twitter users to submit any questions they have about the trial through #AskEmma.

Investigative journalist Debora Patta (@Debora_Patta) is based in South Africa and offers coverage for CBS in the U.S. and Channel 4 in the U.K.