Jimmy Kimmel's Mother Day Segment Awkwardly Exposes Moms' Sordid Pasts — VIDEO

Though she prefers the term "radical feminist activist," my mother was a hippie-dippy type in the Bay Area in the late 1960s. So Jimmy Kimmel's special Mother's Day segment — in which he sends his minions out onto the streets of Los Angeles to expose the sordid pasts of the moms strolling Hollywood Boulevard — might not have shocked me that much had my mom had been the one being interrogated. The element of surprise left us a long time ago. (Unless, of course, there's something my mom's not telling me. Shudder.)

Moms are people too, you know, so it's kind of fitting with the Mother's Day spirit to honor mothers everywhere by humanizing their experiences. In other words: Your mom's probably done some freaky stuff, and it can be cathartic — if at times actively uncomfortable — to hear moms talk about all the shenanigans they've gotten into. Because, newsflash: It's entirely possible your mother's puked in just as many bar bathrooms as you have. Her entire life before (and during!) you has likely not just consisted on commenting awkwardly on your Facebook posts.

The mothers on display in this segment seem relatively tame — that one lady didn't even go all the way in her same-sex experimentation! But you gotta give props to the one mom who flat-out tricked her kids into believing they were adopted right then and there. Naked mud wrestling isn't bad, either, especially when you're confessing it with your child literally attached to your leg.

Happy Mother's Day, moms!

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Image: ABC