'Frozen' Parody "Do You Want To Go To Starbucks?" Nails College Kids & Coffee Lovers — VIDEO

Finals are tough, guys! Fortunately, here's an adorable Frozen parody "Do You Want To Go To Starbucks" that totally exemplifies the horror that is finals week. Even if you're not in college, you'll relate to this cute music video superbly executed by Olivia Mowry. It's about coffee, after all, and people in the real world need just as much caffeine as those still hittin' the books.

Mowry tries to rally fellow students to accompany her to Starbucks to get that fix. She dances, sings, and leaps through the library, ultimately scaring some of the people around her into hiding. And then — in a poignant but very sad ending (you seriously start feeling for this girl!) — Starbucks is... SPOILER.

Yes, this is yet another Frozen parody, but hey! At least it's not "Let It Go." (And besides, we've already heard a finals parody to that song.) This is its quieter, sweeter sister of a song that's much more delicate and way less bombastic. So even if you have Frozen parody fatigue, don't say "okay, bye" just yet! Chill yourself (HAHA GET IT?), and check this one out. It's adorable, on point, and definitely worth watching.

Also, does anybody wanna go to Starbucks? No? Okay... bye.

Image: Disney