Let It Go: The Final Exams Version

Whether you are a semester student heading into finals week or your school is on the quarter system and you're still trying to get over the trauma of winter finals, everyone who's ever pulled an all-nighter in the library can appreciate that there comes a point where you just say "Fuck it. I give up." And lucky you: there's a "Let It Go" parody for that.

Yes, "Let It Go" is only continuing its quest for complete domination of all aspects of our lives, but even if you are starting to get sick of it, you can still appreciate this new version. I mean, instead of "Let it go!" the lyrics are now "Fuck it all!"

I feel like this is definitely something the world needed. And by world, I mean college. Same thing, right?

Cause sure, some of the lyrics don't even pretend to rhyme, but who gives a damn about that stuff right now? It's finals time and nobody has time to worry about that shit.

So if you are reading this in the library surrounded by a stack of books you're expected to have already read but obviously haven't, trying to start a research paper that's due in 24 hours, I have a song for you.

Listen, love it, make it your anthem. Then get back to work.

Image: WaltDisneyAnimationStudios/YouTube