HGTV Cancels Pilot With Anti-Gay Hosts Because Social Media Slactivism Works Sometimes

LGBTQ home and garden enthusiasts rejoice, because HGTV has cancelled Flip It Forward , a home improvement show that was set to debut in October. HGTV hasn't stated the reason they cancelled the show, but given the considerable backlash to its co-hosts, David Benham and Jason Benham, it's easy to draw a line between the show's demise and the anger home-show fans expressed toward it. Why is everyone so mad at the Benhams, you ask?

Well, David and Jason are both staunchly anti-marriage equality, and are the progeny of the evangelical paster Flip Benham, who is the director of Operation Save America, whose platform includes crusading against abortion clinics and managing "ex-gay therapy." David followed his father's footsteps in 2012 to organize anti-gay prayer rallies, to boot.

Fans of HGTV's equal-opportunity DIY ethos were understandably enraged that the network would pick a set of homophobic twins to lead its next big fixer-upper home show, and many took to Facebook and Twitter to express their distaste. It's possible that the network's cancellation is due to direct fan action and hopefully, other networks will listen to social media backlash so we can continue to see an upward trend in equality on television.

Even if other networks don't follow suit, HGTV did a good thing today.

Image: HGTV