Fake 'Scandal' Casting News Freaks Out the Entire Internet, Shonda Rhimes

Well, the entire TV-watching Internet world just churned itself into a momentary froth of utter frenzy. Note: this is what happens when you misreport in ABC's Scandal. (Spoilers if you didn't watch the finale!) According to the industry website Deadline, largely unknown actor Eric West was said to be replacing Columbus Short in the role of Harrison next season. Which is sort of a ridiculous notion on several levels: one of them being the fact that, y'know, Harrison was killed at the end of this past season. WOOPS!

Obviously there was always a chance he would survive the ordeal, but with Short already confirmed to be gone following his recent troubles with the law, it would be very, very stupid to recast the character rather than just let him die and be gone. But apparently there has been "talk" about this in the "circles" that make such decisions and West was an apparent frontrunner. According to the writer, Nellie Andreeva, herself in the post after it was updated: "Sorry, Scandal fans. In the rush of upfront news, a release purported to be from ABC about an actor named Eric West, whose name had been circulated for weeks, replacing troubled Scandal co-star Columbus Short, got to me. It turns out it was an elaborate hoax, which is very unfortunate. It is unclear yet whether Short would be replaced."

After the whole of the Internet freaked out, wondering what in the heck was going on, Rhimes responded via Twitter. "I've never heard of Eric West. Harrison is not being recast EVER. How about reporters CHECK THEIR SOURCES before running with a story?" the showrunner stated. West himself also tweeted, "this is news to me..." affirming that there's something fishy going on with this here story.

Alright, Olivia Pope: it's time to figure this mystery out!

Image: Deadline