'My Five Wives' Is Endlessly Fascinating

The most addicting and intriguing show on television right now might just be TLC's My Five Wives . It's seriously enthralling. Sure, we've seen shows like Sister Wives and the fictional Big Love, but the five Williams ladies really know how to pull you in.

On Sunday's episode, Brady and his wives will sit down for a "Tell All" edition with NBC's Tamron Hall to discuss everything that happened on and off the camera this past season. Luckily for us, last week's episode already featured the family fielding questions from viewers and fans, and we've compiled a list of the questions that we've all been dying to have answered.

But before we jump right into the thick of it, here's a rundown of the Williams entire family:

  • Brady is the husband to five wives and the father to 24 children.
  • Paulie is the first wife, and she has six children.
  • Robyn is the second wife, and she has five children.
  • Rosemary is the third wife, and she has four children.
  • Nonie is the fourth wife, and she has five children.
  • Rhonda is the fifth wife, and she has four children.

Got it? Good. Now here's what we found out about the Williams family and how they feel about their lifestyle.

1. How do the kids feel about sharing their dad?

Dane (age 15): "I think that we get enough, but with a regular family that doesn't have 23 kids, of course they’re going to get more, but I think we get enough."

Josh (19): "Sometimes I’m like, 'I haven’t seen dad in a while, where is he?'”

2. Why do the kids use the word “Aunt” instead of “Mom” when referring to the other moms?

Taylor (16): "It’s just easier to use Aunt because imagine if you called out at dinner, “Mom!” because then five heads would turn around."

Hannah (20): Calling the other ones "Aunt" makes it [their lifestyle] less questionable.

3. How do the kids explain their family to friends?

Dane (15): "Usually I befriend them first so they can know I’m not a weirdo... But the people who find out before I get to know them, they’re like, what the crap."

4. Is there a cutoff to how many children they will all have?

The answer is pretty much, no.

5. Do the kids want to enter polygamist relationships?

The resounding answer is… no. The answers ranged from not believing in it to just not wanting to do it to something along the lines of, "one woman is enough to handle."

6. Why did the wives enter polygamist marriages?

Robyn: "Well, when you fall in love with a guy that’s already married..."

Paulie: "I definitely felt like it was something I had to do because that’s how I was brought up. You needed to do it to go to heaven."

Brady: "Well I know I chose to marry all of you, nobody made me." (We get it, Brady —you have five wives.)

7. How long did he date each wife before marrying them?

Rosemary: 6 months

Paulie: 3 months

Rhonda: 3 months

Nonie: 6 months

Robyn: 6 weeks

8. Would the wives be okay with Brady marrying another woman?

Rosemary: "I don’t think it would be fair to another woman, and I personally think that I’d have a really hard time with it."

(Brady, don’t do it.)

9. How would Brady feel if a wife wanted another husband? (Oh, snap.)

Brady: "I totally get that my wives should have the same rights. I am completely a believer in the symmetry of marriage. I personally think that I would not do as good as you guys do. I think I would be a jealous mess. I don’t have the same capacity that you five have."

Nonie: "Are you sure it’s weakness, or is it just humanity?"

Brady: "No. Nope, I think that’s a copout. I think it’s me being weak."

Nonie: "Because we feel jealous."

Brady: "I know, but you don’t beat each other up, and I would."

Nonie: "But we could have catfights, and we could do all that kind of stuff."

Brady: "Yeah, but you guys don’t! I mean, yeah, you have feelings..."

10. Is there rivalry between the wives or are they close like sisters?

Awkward silence…

Robyn: "Yes and yes."

11. Is Brady a good kisser?

Yes! (This is gross.)

12. What are their favorite body parts of his? (What?)

Rosemary: Arms and legs

Paulie: Hands

Rhonda: Shoulders

Nonie: His rear end (she likes watching him walk)

Robyn: Hands

13. What if one or more of their kids came out as gay?

Nonie: "I would not want them to hide it, for the same reasons I did not want to hide our lifestyle. It’s too miserable."

14. Does Brady ever wake up and forget which bed he’s in?

Brady: "Yeah, I have, but rarely." (Hah!)

15. And finally, what if one of the wives gets horny and wants to be with him?

Robyn: "Tough."

Well said, Robyn. Well said.

Images: TLC/The Williams Family