Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss Aren't Hooking Up — Calm Down Don and Peggy Shippers

Looks like real life imitates television after all. Not unlike the gossipy offices of Sterling Cooper, tabloids have been gossiping about an affair between Jon Hamm and Mad Men co-star Elisabeth Moss. But just like Peggy didn't sleep with Don to get promoted, Moss and Hamm are not romantically involved just because they're seen in public with one another.

Hamm, of course, is still in a relationship with his Friends with Kids co-star Jennifer Westfeldt, who he has been with since 1997. The two have been dating long-distance from New York to L.A., but Hamm says he flies to New York frequently to make the relationship work. "Close sources" (who are these friends of celebrities who frequently talk to tabloids, anyways?) to Hamm also say that Moss and Hamm are nothing but good friends. Apparently, the rumors started due to another unnamed source who claimed that Hamm and Moss went to Disneyland together but tried to go incognito. Because, you know, it's not as if there would be any other reason that two incredibly famous people would want to be able to go to a theme park unnoticed... Also, they're often seen in public together. They even get coffee together! Gasp, the scandal! The horror and indecency!

So it seems that, much like Peggy and Don, Moss and Hamm will always remain very close work friends. But hey, who's to say that other Mad Men romances can't form, on screen or off? It already happened with Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel. Clearly, the show is a hotbed for office romance, so ship away. But for all the gossip and fake scandal, it's good to know that real life doesn't always imitate art — it seems like the only Don Draper character that Jon Hamm will ever play is exclusively on the small screen.