Horrific 'Family Feud' Fail in Fast Money Round Is Awfully Embarrassing, For Everyone — VIDEO

Game show gaffes, along with local news bloopers, are TV's gift to the Internet. And while you, admittedly, can find yourself laughing at the poor souls who live on in Internet infamy (sorry, grape stomp lady), sometimes there's a cringe-worthy clip that comes along that makes you feel so bad for the unfortunate soul that you almost wish on their behalf that TV or the Internet wasn't invented. And that's exactly how you'll feel watching the Family Feud clip that's gone viral, in which Anna, a member of the awesomely-named Sass family, has an 182-point advantage (thanks to the Sass patriarch Tim) during the Fast Money round. If you've watched the Feud before (and you really should, because it is chock full of Internet-friendly gems) then you know that, in order to win, Anna would only need to get 18 points. She has to win, right? Right?!

Oh, no, you'd wrong. As wrong as Anna, in fact. The poor Family Feud player, with points and time on her side, somehow managed to guess the same answers, the wrong answers, or no answers at all, leaving her with zero points and a lifetime of sass from the Sasses. Heck, even the typically-boisterous host Steve Harvey looked downright somber by the end of this train wreck. Look, it's pretty bad, but in Anna's defense, some of these were actually pretty tough. (Hey, is it wrong that immediate guess to "A married couple might be deeply in..." my immediate reaction was "Debt"? That one was a gimme, Anna!) Watch and cringe along here:


Image: Family Feud/ CBS: KUTV 2