'Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams Looks Exactly Lorde & Here's Proof — PHOTO

The actress who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones just keeps winning our hearts. The girl is taking social media by storm. Maisie Williams has now done her make up like Lorde... and she did a pretty great job with it. So great, in fact, that it's almost kind of alarming that we didn't draw up the comparison ourselves.

It's kind of awesome that Williams is prompting a viral Twitter sensation on her own, rather than wait for someone else to do it. Maisie said in her tweet: "Good Lorde, I have far too much time on my hands." Haha, get it? Good Lorde, as in... Lorde? Thank goodness the girl isn't otherwise occupied; we're all reaping the benefits of her boredom.

Williams gets it, too, because after that tweet, she requested a "slow clap" from her audience.

This girl is just too freakin' awesome. Her Vines are delightful, each tweet is better than the next, and she speaks pretty candidly for a famous 16-year-old. Hell, we've even gone so far as to tout her as England's Jennifer Lawrence.

Check out the pic and the tweet below. She may think she has too much time on her hands, but if her time is spent amusing the rest of us... then please, Maisie, continue!

And while you're at it, might we be able to get a rendition of "Royals" sung by Arya, set against a supercut of Arya and The Hound sticking people with the pointy ends of their swords? Please? That would be too perfect.