7 Chic Ways To Dress Like a Cartoon

Cartoons are so trendy right now — and I'm not just talking about on your Adventure Time-saturated Tumblr feed. I'm talking about your wardrobe! Don't believe me? Just consider the amount of cartoon-themed collections taking over your fave cool-girl brands right now. There's Opening Ceremony x Mickey Mouse, Joyrich x The Simpsons, not to mention the countless Maleficent collaborations celebrating the release of the (admittedly live-action) eponymous movie this month.

Just face it — your childhood favorites are fashionable. But don't let the youthfulness of cartoon-fashion scare you away. This look is not just for the young, but for the young at heart! In fact, mastering cartoon-cool is so easy. All you really need is a sense of irony. I mean, even Elle Fanning, our real-life Sleeping Beauty , is rocking some pretty stylish cartoon kicks (see below).

Add a hefty pop-culture reference or two to your closet and you'll be that much closer to street-style stardom. After all, can't you just picture Rihanna pairing her signature hot pants with a Bart Simpson-printed sweatshirt? With a heavy dose of joie de vivre, you too can pull off the cheekiness of cartoon-inspired fashion. Check out some of the best illustrated fashion available.

Sleeping Beauty Pumps

Elle Fanning recently sported these killer Charlotte Olympia Sleeping Beauty pumps to a photocall for Maleficent. She wore them with a forest green Valentino dress, but these are surprisingly versatile for those of us who don't have princess-caliber wardrobes.

Image: Charlotte Olympia

Cartoon Bags

That's not an optical illusion. These bags by Jump From Paper actually look like they've been ripped straight from an episode of Blues Clues.

Image: jumpfrompaper/Tumblr

Nail Decals

Roy Lichtenstein art for your nails? Yes, please! Get these, and other cartoonish decals over at IHeartNailArt.

Image: IHeartNailArt

Bart Simpson Sweatshirt

Who says cartoons aren't badass? Just look at that ice-cold stare!

Image: Joyrich x The Simpsons

Mickey Mouse T-shirt

This black-and-white filmstrip t-shirt is unlike any Mickey Mouse apparel I owned when I was three years old. Looks like our favorite cartoon mouse is all grown up.

Image: Opening Ceremony x Mickey Mouse

Spongebob Fur Coat

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Moschino's entire Fall 2014 runway was pop-culture inspired. This Spongebob Squarepants fur is original, to say the least.

Archie Clutch

Charlotte Olympia is at it again with this Archie comic clutch, available at Net-a-Porter. Warning: it may or may not cost $1600.

Image: Net-a-Porter