All The Maleficent Merch You Can Buy

Maleficent is taking over our movie screens this summer, and we can't wait. The villain, played by Angelina Jolie in the new film, is also invading our wardrobes and makeup drawers. Personally, I don't mind one bit that the Disney femme fatale look is in for spring. After all, this particular sultry villain has always been more... lively than her enemy, Princess Aurora.

In honor of MAC's new collection for the movie being released today, we've rounded up the details on all the upcoming Maleficent-themed sartorial ventures so you can stock up in time for the May 30th release. You can guarantee I'll be hitting the town in my Maleficent Bat Wing Pullover from Hot Topic until then, hoping to channel some of her bewitchingly villainous charm. The rest of you should stay far away from spinning wheels, just to be safe.

Maleficent for MAC

MAC's Maleficent makeup collection features deep red lipsticks and nail lacquers, fake eyelashes, and earth-toned eye palates (nothing better to highlight those blood-thirsty eyes of yours). I have my sights set on the True Love's Kiss Lipstick ($17.50) and the Nocturnelle Nail Lacquer ($17.50). Find them online as soon as May 8th and in stores May 15th through June 26th.

Maleficent for N Natori

Home Shopping Network is getting in on the action as well, with a capsule collection of luxurious sleepwear inspired by the movie from the label N Natori. There are silky caftans, tunic sets, slips, and robes in a range of colorful designs. The best one? A blood red slip with an edgy black pattern on the bodice reminiscent of thorns. The collection will debut on on May 7th and live on HSN on May 27th.

Maleficent for Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney + Maleficent = the coolest children's clothes of all time. Of. All. Time. There are dress up-drawer ready dresses. There are black sneakers with little wings on them. There's a tiny replica of Maleficent's notorious pointy headpiece. Oh, how I wish it were remotely acceptable for me to walk around wearing a sparkly Maleficent dress, complete with winged arm pieces. McCartney's novelty collection is available at Stella McCartney stores, online, and at Disney stores worldwide. Prices range from $70 to $185 and 10 percent of the proceeds go toward children's charity SOS Children's Villages.

Maleficent for Hot Topic

We covered this one awhile back when the clothes were first available for pre-order online. The collection is still up for pre-order, and while those of us above the age of 16 should probably steer clear of items like the Button-Front Coat and the Corset High-Lo Dress, you might be able to get away with the Asymmetrical Top for a night out.

Images: MAC; HSN/N Natori; Stella McCartney; Hot Topic