'Game of Thrones' Episode 6 "The Laws Of Gods and Men" Takes Tyrion To Court — VIDEO

Don't mind me, I'm just over here singing the Game of Thrones theme song because this look at the preview for Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones , "The Law of Gods And Men." is getting me really worked up ... because we know what's happening this week — Tyrion's trial! (Continues singing theme song, as anticipation increases.)

The trailer, for sure, shows that this will be an episode in which big stuff happens. Stannis looks like he's back on the offensive to get to that Iron Throne, and Danaerys will be chilling on her throne, which isn't the Iron Throne, since she announced last week that she was going to stay put so that she could "do what Queens do" — rule. And it looks like we're in for more of that weird, sadistic shit that Ramsay Snow digs so much — perhaps a cap will be bust in his ass at long last? With Joffrey and Karl gone, we need someone to loathe in Westeros...

But hopes for revenge on Ramsay ass aside, what we're really excited about this week is the trial (hence the title, "The Law of Gods And Men"). We know Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey — and if the laws of the gods are just, then he won't face the fate that Cersei wants him to suffer. But the laws of men — you know, like Tywin Lannister — are starkly different from those of the gods. Ah, gods versus man!

Check it out — and lest we forget, this is Episode 6, which means we're getting closer and closer to the always-insane Episode 9 that happens in a GoT season.


Image: HBO